Blog goals that I’d like to achieve by next year

Today I decided to make a post all about my blog/social media goals that I’d like to achieve by January 1st next year.


Here is my current follower count as of 1/31/17: 


Instagram: 1,060 followers. Instagram is definitely a social media account that I’d like to improve and stay more consistent with posting on.


Twitter: 302 followers. I started my Twitter about a month ago and it definitely helps with blog traffic.


Facebook Page: 828 followers. 


Here is the follower count I’d like to be at by 1/1/18:


Instagram: 2,000 followers. 


Twitter: 1,000 followers. 


Facebook Page: 1,300 followers.



Those are my goals I’d like to achieve by next year! Thanks for reading.

xx Kaylie



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